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Samaire Armstrong Biography

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  • Some Basic Information About Samaire Armstrong
  • Name: Samaire Armstrong
  • Full Name: Samaire Rhys Armstrong
  • Birthday: October 31, 1980
  • Age: 38 Years
  • Born In: Tokyo, Japan
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous As: Japanese-born American Actress
  • Height: 1.68 M
  • Husband-: Jason Christopher
  • Father: Hunter Armstrong
  • Mother: Sylvia Sepielli
  • Children: Armstrong Christopher
  • Net Worth: $20 Million

Samaire Armstrong Biography

Samaire Armstrong was born on October 31, 1980 in Tokyo, Japan to Hunter Armstrong and Sylvia Sepielli. Samaire lived in Tokyo for several years before moving to Hawaii and later Sedona, Arizona, where she grew up and attended Sedona Red Rock High School. She has also lived in Malaysia and China. She is an American actor, designer and model.
Samaire made her film debut as Kara Fratelli, one of the conjoined twins in the parody film, Not Another Teen Movie in 2001. Samaire has since appeared in Small roles in films like Would I Lie To You, Gramercy Park and Trash. In 2006, Samaire co-starred alongside Lindsay Lohan in the film, Just My Luck. In 2005, she was offered the leading female protagonist role in the horror film, Stay Alive.
In 2006, Samaire played the role of Nell Bedworth in the Canadian Comedy, It’s a Boy Girl Thing. The film was released in 2006 and received positive reviews from critics. Samaire’s performance in this film was praised by Critics.
Samaire starred in a relatively small supporting role as Jenny in the horror film, Rise: Blood Hunter in 2007. She also had a leading role portraying Caitlin Atwater in the lifetime film, The Staircase Murders.
In 2008, Samaire starred in the independent romantic film, Around June. She has been cast in another independent film, a Crime thriller, The Last Harbor. She will also star in another thriller, 5 Souls.
Samaire made her television debut guest starring in an episode of the teen drama television series, Party of Five portraying Meredith in 2000. Throughout 2000 to 2001, she made guest roles in shows, such as The X-Files, Judging Amy and Freaks and Geeks.
In 2003, Samaire was cast in the role of Anna Stern on the Fox teen drama television series. The O.C In 2004, she appeared on the HBO television series, Entourage, an assistant to Ari Gold and love interest for Eric Murphy. She went on to be a guest star in the television series, CSI: Miami and Living with Fran. Samaire was cast in her first series regular role on the ABC drama/comedy television series, Dirty Sexy Money in 2007. The series was an instant Success and Premiered to about 10.44 million viewers. However in March 2008, she announced She would not return for the series second season as a series regular.

“My family is heavily involved in the Marines and close-combat training, and I was raised doing Japanese sword training, so I’ve always been of the mentality that you have to be able to defend yourself.

I usually just dress myself. I typically make something or buy something and fix it up. I really like to spend my money on accessories like bags, shoes, belts. I don’t really spend on things I can make.”Quote by Samaire Armstrong

Biography of Samaire Armstrong
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Personal Life of Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong married with American bassist ‘Jason Christopher’, They have one son, whose named Calin Armstrong Christopher.

Family of Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong was born on October 31, 1980 in Tokyo, Japan. Her Full name is Samaire Rhys Armstrong, Her Father Name is Hunter Armstrong and her mother name is Sylvia Sepielli, her mother belong to italian culter. Her mother designs spas for resorts and her father teaches soldiers close combat training.

Samaire Armstrong biography
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Samaire Armstrong Filmography

Samaire Armstrong is an Japanese-born American and modal, She started her career Filmi career with the film ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ in 2001 and Armstrong best known for his romantic and drametic role, She is also known for her roles in Stay Alive, The O.C., It’s a Boy Girl Thing, and as Juliet Darling in the ABC television series, Dirty Sexy Money. Samaire Armstrong has given many hits film for the hollywood industry, some of the film which are here:-



Samaire Armstrong All movies list :-

1.Not Another Teen Movie(2001)
2.Would I Lie to You?(2002)
3.Dark Wolf(2003)
4.Stay Alive(2006)
5.Just My Luck(2006)
6.It’s a Boy Girl Thing(2006)
7.Rise: Blood Hunter(2007)
8.Around June(2008)
9.The Last Harbor(2010)
10.Concrete Blondes(2013)
11.5 Souls(2013)
12.My Santa(2013)
13.The Lachrymist(2014)
14.A Winter Rose(2014)
15.Windsor Drive(2015)
16.Carter & June(2017)

By Samaire Armstrong


Graduated from Sedona Red Rock High School; played volleyball for two years before turning her attention to drama.

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