Top 10 countries whose flags are so similar

Today we will talk about Top 10 some countries in the world whose flags match more than so similar other countries.

The identity of every country is the flag of that country. That is why every citizen of the country honors his flag. Because the identity of any country and its citizens in the whole world is due to the flag. But there are some countries in the world whose flags match more than other countries.
The flags of these countries are so much stuff that if someone has not seen them more then that person will be confused which one is the flag of the country. Today, we will tell you about the twenty-one countries whose flags meet much more than each other so that in the future you will never be confused by seeing these flags.

Indonesia and Monaco Flag

1.Indonesia and Monaco
Indonesia is an Asian country. Monaco is the only European country. Both countries are far away from each other and are very different from culture. But if you talk about flags, the flags of both countries are so similar that you will be confused which flag belongs to Indonesia and which flag belongs to Monaco. The flag of Indonesia has two strips of red and white colors.

There are also two red strips of red and white in Monaco’s flag. In the flag of Indonesia, the red color is above white and so is the same in Monaco’s flag. Now you must be wondering what is the difference between these two flags. Let us tell you that the red color of the flag of Monaco is slightly thicker than the red color of Indonesia’s flag.

Australia and newzealand flag

2.NewZealand and Australia
Both countries are very close to each other. Their flags also get very much from each other. Both countries live within the rules of the British. The flags of both countries are blue. Among them, the union jack is made on top left corner and some stars are also made.

These stars make the flag of these two countries distinct from each other. The flag of New Zealand has only four stars, which are of red color. The border of these stars is white. The same Australian flag has six stars and is also made under a star union jack. This difference will help you identify them.

norway and iceland flag

3.Norway and Iceland
The flags of these two European countries can also put you in confusion because the flags of both countries are very similar. The difference between this is that in Norway’s flag there is a cross in the middle of the red, which is blue.

The same is inverted in Iceland flag. That is, the red cross in the middle of the blue color of this flag remains. The border of this Red Cross is also white.

egypt and iraq flag

4.Egypt and Iraq
Egypt and Iraq The flags of these two countries are also very similar, but only slightly different. If anyone does not know these differences then they can be conjugated to identify the flags. The three stripes of the flags of both Egypt and Iraq have red white and black color.

The difference is that there is a court of arm on the white strip of Egypt flag. In The flag of Iraq is written in Arabic on a white strip.

Top 10 countries whose flags are so similar.

5.Niger and India
Niger is a country of West Africa and India is a country of South Asia. Both countries are located far away from each other. The culture and lifestyle of both countries is very different from each other. But the flags of both countries are quite similar. There are also three bars in the flag of Niger, with the first stripe sentry color, the second bar is white and the third stripe is green. Although the sentimental stripe of the Indian flag is slightly different from the sentimental strip of Niger’s flag.

There is something on the white strip in between the two countries’ flags. In the flag of India, the Ashok Chakra is made of blue color. In the same Nigerian flag there is a sphere of sentry color. This sphere represents the sun or freedom.

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