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Top 4 films, Which Based on the bank Robory

Top four films, Which Based on the bank Robory, which have been seen worldwide

Every kind of movie is made in the world and all kinds of films are very liked by the audience, today in this article we are telling you about four such films whose story is based on Bank Robery, besides these films In viewers were seen to have tremendous action scenes, because of which these films were highly liked by the people around the world.

1.The Bank Job – The film was released in 2008, which was directed by Roger Donaldson, starring James Faulkner, Daniel and Jason, in this film, a person was surrounded by financial crisis And he gets money for robbery, after which he prepares Robbri for the whole team, The film was blockbuster at the box office.

the bank job full movie
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2.The Town – The film was released in 2010. In this film, veteran artists such as John, Jeremy Reiner, Rebecca Hall and Ben Affleck introduced the best acting, this film shows that a gang stole in the bank And a thief in the group of thieves seems to love the bank manager, due to which his troubles are increased, this film was a super hit at the box office.

The Town full movie
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3.Takers – The film was released in 2010. In this film, best actors such as Chris Brown, Paul Walker had played lead role in this film, The film story based on Bank Robery, Would like to tell you that the audience given great love for the film.

Takers full movie
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4.Ocean’s Eleven – In this film, best actors such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, had played lead role, The film story based on Bank Robery. which was liked by the audience, it is believed that the film After watching, many banks across the world had been tried for robbery.

Ocean's Eleven full movie
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