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Top 5 South’s superstars and there kids

Top 5 South's superstars with there kids and family

Top 5 South’s superstars with there kids and family

The superstars of the South Film Industry are also famous as Bollywood superstars in India and many other countries. Kher, you must have known about South’s best action films and their tunes But today we will tell you about the South’s 5 superstars and there kids

Jr NTR with son
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1. Junior NTR
South actor Junior NTR you know well Junior NTR is well known for its tremendous action in films and recently released Junior NTR film ‘Arvind Sameta’ is a blockbuster. Junior NTR has two cute kids. One is named Nandmuri Abhay Ram and the other is Bhargava Ram.

Allu Arjun With son
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2.Allu Arjun
Films of famous Allu Arjun, popularly known as South’s stylish star, are well liked in the Hindi audience. Allu Arjun has two cute kids. Have a son and a daughter. The son’s name is Allu Ayaan and the daughter’s name is Allu Arha.

South Actor Vijay with son
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3. Vijay
You must know the superstar Vijay of the Tamil film industry. Vijay is also known as Illiphapati. The history of his film keeps his fan alive and his films are also quite fame among the Hindi audience. Tell me Vijay has two cute kids. The son’s name is Jaya Sanjay and the daughter’s name is Divya Shasha.

South Actor Ajit kumar with son
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4. Ajit Kumar
You must also know the goodwill of the South Film Industry superstar Ajit Kumar, this year his film Vivegom has been released in Hindi. Superstar Ajit Kumar is also known as Thala Actor. Ajit Kumar has two cute kids. The daughter’s name is Anushka Kumar and the son’s name is Abdik Kumar.

Mahesh Babu with family
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5. Mahesh Babu
Mahesh Babu is one of South’s Famous superstar. Mahesh Babu, who is known as Prince, has given the many blockbuster film for South industry, and he is also very famous between hindi audince. Mahesh Babu has two cute kids. The son’s name is Gautam and daughter’s name is Star. Gautam looks very beautiful and cute just like his father Mahesh Babu.

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